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Tracfone DMFL Review

Now DMFL is Available from Tracfone

by Rick Kern

The Tracfone DMFL Card (unlimited double minutes for life) is for sale from Tracfone for $50. The DMFL Card provides twice the minutes on your phone as the card states. The $20 60 minute card will actually install 120 minutes on your phone. This brings the price of minutes down close to 10 cents a unit which makes them competitive. Regularly priced at 19 to 40 cents Tracfone Minutes are pretty expensive to use without DMFL.
is the largest Prepaid Cell phone provider in the US with over 10 million customers. With Prepaid cell phones you buy the phone, activate it and then add minute cards to it. Each prepaid phone card will give you a certain number of minutes.

Tracfone LG 600, Lg 225 and Motorola C261
Tracfone LG 600, Lg 225 and Motorola C261

Do Not Purchase a Double Minutes for Life Card

If your Tracfone does not have DMFL on it I would recommend you buy\it is a better deal to buy a new Tracfone with DMFL.  You can buy a new Moto W370 with DMFL for the same price as a DMFL card.

The Best Place to Buy a Prepaid Tracfone

You can purchase a Tracfone on eBay, at Walmart, Safeway, K-mart and many other places.  The best deal and biggest selection is at the
If you purchase a Phone and Phone card from the “Purchase Phone” section of the website you will get the best deal.

Do Not Buy a Tracfone

Do not buy a Tracfone that does not have double minutes for life already installed.  The DMFL program will save a lot of money by purchasing minutes a lot cheaper.  

Twice the Text Messages

Your text messaging will also be half as much with Tracfone DMFL also. Most Tracfones cost .3 units per text either to receive and send. When you purchase your units with DMFL your texts will be half price also. Some Tracfones charge .5 in and out. There are some older Tracfones do not charge to receive texts (I believe the Nokia 1100 is one).

Advantages to Tracfone:

    * No long term contract

    * No Credit required

    * No extra charge for Long distance or Roaming  The cheapest roaming of any Prepaid cell phone

    * Available in every zip code in the USA.

    * Your minutes don’t expire as long as you keep your Tracfone active.

    * Reasonable prepaid texting rates.

    * Activation Time will roll over as long as you keep your phone active. Disadvantages

    * Expensive rates

    * No PDAs or fancy phones

Tracfone W376 and LG 225
Tracfone W376 and LG 225

Free Tracfone Cell Phones

You can get a free refurbished and sometimes a new Tracfone with the purchase of phone card in the “Buy Phones” section of the Web Site. Do not buy the phone with phone card unless DMFL is included either on the phone or in the card.

Tracfone Bonus Coupon Codes

Whenever I purchase Tracfone minutes, I always do it from the website because it is easier to use Bonus coupons.  Here is a the best way to get Tracfone Minutes and use Bonus Coupons.

tracfone prepaid deal

Tracfone DMFL

Tracfone DMFL


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