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Tracfone LG 200 CDMA Prepaid Cell Phone from Tracfone

Tracfone Lg 200c

The latest Tracfone LG 200c is available in CDMA phone areas. Normally Tracfone only sells the CDMA phones in the parts of the country where the GSM Phones do not work.

The CDMA Tracfones

Tracfone only sells a few of the CDMA phones. These Tracfones work on the Verizon or Alltel CDMA networks. The Kyocera K126, Lg 200c, LG 3280, Nokia 2126 are the most common CDMA Tracfones.

The Lg 200c is a great little ergonomically designed phone. It will fit very well into your pocket. It does not have an Antenna stalk sticking out of the phone like most folding CDMA Tracfones.

The LG 3280 and LG 200c
The LG 3280 and LG 200c

The LG 200C is a Single Rate Phone

This new CDMA phone is like most of the new Tracfones and it is a Single rate phone. This Phone will only charge you one minute for any calls including roaming calls, Long distance calls and International calls. That is right only one unit for International calls to many parts of the world on a single rate Tracfone. You need to go to the Tracfone Website to get direction and set up to dial internationally on your phone.

Tracfone Units and Service Roll Over

As long as you keep your phone active your minutes and service time will not expire. Running out of minutes or running out of activation time will lose your phone number. Tracfone will let you to keep your units as long as you reactivated within 60 days, but this policy might change.
Buy a phone at and get free shipping with orders over $35.

Tracfone DMFL and CDMA Phones

Most of the CDMA Tracfones do not come with DMFL. It is $50 extra to add a DMFL card to a phone. Sometimes you can purchase a LG 3280 or LG 200 with DMFL. Any time you have that option it will be the best deal you can get.

The LG 200c Battery

Both of my Lg200s, the Tracfone and the Net10 I have came with the LGIP-431C 800 mAh 3.7 volt battery. I have had very good service from this Lithium Ion Battery. My phone normally holds a charge for over a week. Although this is a very simple phone one of the benefits of simplicity in cell phones is battery life.
Buy a phone at and get free shipping with orders over $35.

Picture of Two LG 200c Cell Phones
Picture of Two LG 200c Cell Phones

Tracfone Bonus Coupon Codes

It is critical to use Tracfone bonus codes when you add Tracfone Minutes to your phone. You will get between 40 and 300 extra minutes for putting in a 5 digit code. The best place toBuy Tracfone Minutes and find Bonus Coupons.

tracfone prepaid deal

Buying Tracfone Minutes

Tracfone DMFL


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