tracfone prepaid deal

Free Tracfone Airtime Codes

Free Tracfone Airtime Codes

Free Tracfone Airtime Codes
Tracfone issues a five digit Tracfone bonus code. This code will be effective to give you an extra 20 to 300 mintes when you add a Tracfone Minute Card to your phone. The Minute Card will have a 15 digit number. As you enter the 15 digit code you will be asked if you have a bonus code. Use this link to get Free Tracfone Airtime Codes.

Here is a link to an updated page with the Best Current Tracfone Deal.

Buy Two Tracfones?
I recommend buying two Tracfone phone and card deals at the same time. Then I have a spare phone which gives me a spare phone charger and a spare battery to use. This also solves phone problems because I have a spare phone to use. The best way to buy a Tracfone is always from when you purchase a phone card and get a free phone. If you buy a Tracfone without a card you will have to buy a minute card also.

Do Tracfone Minutes Roll over?
Yes, as long as you keep your service active your Tracfone service time or Minutes will roll over. If your service expires you must reactivate before 60 days you will get to keep your minutes. This rollover policy is better than almost every other prepaid phone service which do not roll over minutes or service time. If you let your service expire you will lose your Tracfone phone number.

Tracfone Three way Switch Trick
Some people are always having to buy activation time and you are usually in need of minutes you can do the Tracfone three way switch. Lets say you have 20 months service time and no Tracfone Minutes and your dad has 900 minutes and need to add service time.

Purchase another DMFL Tracfone that comes free with a Tracfone Minute Card on it. This will be your switch Tracfone or you could use is as a replacement phone.

Activate the switch Tracfone and add the service time and minutes from your Father’s phone to the switch phone.

Next transfer your network time and Tracfone minutes from your phone to your Dads phone.

Now shift the Tracfone minutes from the switch phone to your phone. Your Dad’s phone now has a long service time and you will have a lot of Tracfone minutes to use.

Both phones must be active for this switch to work.

free tracfone airtime codes

free tracfone airtime codes

Tracfone coupons

When buying Tracfone Minute here is a great spot to get Tracfone Airtime Coupons.


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